Qualified TEFL/CELTA Teachers

Are you a qualified TEFL or CELTA teacher? Then let’s talk and see how we can work together to help international students improve their English language skills.Home & Away Teaching is a division of Home & Away Student Services, providing specialised opportunities and support for TEFL teachers in the UK, and internationally.
We work with hundreds of TEFL and CELTA teachers in the UK and across the world to bring first-class English language education to students. Through our different classes and programmes, students receive different levels of education to meet their individual needs. But even more importantly, students have access to all the support they need in helping them get to grips with the English language and assimilate to UK culture.
By Teaching English as a Foreign Language, you’ll get an incredible opportunity to work closely with international students and really make a positive impact on their lives as you nurture their communication skills and become a true mentor to them.

Why should you work with us?

  • We listen to you and what you want to find you suitable roles that fit your needs and goals
  • Our range of programmes and classes are able to offer flexible working hours and commitment levels, based on how much time you have available
  • You can work in a variety of locations – whether you want to stay in the UK or explore further afield and teach internationally
  • We are partnered with a large number of student agencies and teaching schools across the world, so you’ll have access to a larger network with many different work opportunities
  • You’ll receive personalised guidance and support from our team on how to work with international students from different backgrounds, as well on advice how to nurture relationships with your students

Get in touch with us now to find out more about working with Home & Away Teaching, and let our team answer any further questions you may have.